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CE Classes for Massage Therapist

Raindrop Technique Tm 6 Hrs

Essential oils were used in ancient times to lift the spirit and increase the energies of the body. Raindrop Technique Tm was created and formulated by D. Gary Young, N.D. and combines the art of aromatherapy and inspiration from ancient cultures of the Lakota Indians and Vita Flex techniques used by the Tibetan monks. It incorporates gentle massage and application of therapeutic grade essential oils to various parts of the body, which may help bring structural and electrical balance to the body for spinal vitality and harmony of body, mind, and emotions. Number one treatment during flu & cold season! Includes Oils for class.

Chair Massage 6 Hrs

Master the art of chair massage. This program will teach you over 50 techniques that you can incorporate into a 10, 15 or 30 minute chair massage. This course covers advanced techniques as well as chair set up, body mechanics, communication, the business of chair massage, how to formulate your routine and marketing.

Proper Body Mechanics & Longevity ~ 12 Hours

Is your back, neck, shoulders or arms hurting? Have you gotten in bad habits? Then learn how to retrain your body and save the longevity of your massage career

Mastering TMJ ~ 10 Hours with Ultimate Ear Candling

Learn detailed muscles of the face and neck. Learn to work muscles in the mouth and how to release the muscles to relieve the TMJ. Also learn how to teach your clients to do home care on them.

Helping Sinus & Migraine Suffers ~ 6 Hours

Learn how help your clients with suffering migraines and sinus issues. Learn of to relieve migraines through massage techniques and pure essential oils. Learn pressure points for the sinus cavity the help release pressure and allow the cavities to drain.

Sports Massage ~ Frozen Shoulder & Rotator Cuff ~ 12 Hours

Learn in detail all the muscles of the shoulder and rotator cuff. Learn how to release the muscles all together to release the problem. Learn techniques and exercises to teach your client to be able to do at home.

Deep Tissue & Trigger Point ~ 12 Hours

Learn how to properly to give a deep tissue massage. Learn how to read the muscle when it fights back and know it is to much. Also learn how to release knots out of the muscle to bring muscle back to homeostasis

Orthopedic Massage ~ Body Alignment ~ 12 Hours

Learn detailed muscles of the core and lower part of the body. Learn how to watch the body to know how it is off by looking at your client. Learn how to do a postural alignment on them, then how to re align your client to help make the body work functionally and actually. Learn trigger point work and techniques to teach your clients how to maintain at home.

Ultimate Reflexology of the Foot 12 Hrs

It will explain define reflexology points and how they relate to the systems of the body, benefits of reflexology, room preparation and contraindications to reflexology. This course is open to all licensed massage therapists. Detailed outlines of reflexology points are given as well as easy to use visual guides. A must for the massage professional interested in learning reflexology theory of the feet!

Ear Candling 4 Hrs

Ear Candling is an ancient form of ear wax removal called “ear coning” practiced by ancients over 3,000 years ago. It is used to soothe the ears and relieve pain and itching from infections and extract wax as drying fluid builds up in the ear canal.

Reiki I (Energy Work) ~ Personal 6Hrs

Reiki I personal energy class is where you will get to know how to use your energy. Learn how to use energy on yourself and on friends and family. How to help heal elements in your body and naturally help yourself feel better.

Reiki II (Energy Work) ~ Intermediate 6Hrs

Reiki I personal energy class is where you will get to know how to use your energy. Learn how to use energy on yourself and on friends and family. How to help heal elements in your body and naturally help yourself feel better.

Reiki III~ Professional 12 Hrs

The professional level teaches you how to work on paying clients, how to do distance healing, how to block your clients negative energy, and how to cleanse your chakras and the person you are working on. It is required to teach Reiki I & II before taking this class.

Hawaiian Hot Stones 6Hrs

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. They are often basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well. It is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage. The heat helps tight muscles release. This is not a class of just placements, but of actual massaging with the stones. This is not a class of just placements, but of actual massaging with the stones.

Spa Lomi Lomi ~ 18 Hours

Ancient Lomi is a Tribal Hawaiian Ritual Massage. It works to relax your body mentally, physically, and emotionally. The Ancient Lomi music is louder than your normal massage music, which works with your inner body rhythms. You will learn basic Lomi to where you can massage in spas.

Cooling Cucumber Scrub and other Salt Scrubs 6 Hrs

The cooling Cucumber scrub is Great for sun burns and will help improve your practice with a unique scrub to help smooth the skin. This course will also show you other popular scrubs. Includes supplies.

How to Have a Successful Spa Party 6 Hrs

Want to have multiple bookings, make a lot of money in a two to three hour setting while having a Great Time doing it. Then this is class is for you. You will learn how to set up, hold and finish parties also earn extra money for selling products at your party.

Seaweed & Other Body Wrap Class 6 Hrs

This class teaches you how to apply natural seaweeds wraps. Seaweed body wraps cleanse and detoxify the body making it an excellent herbal skin care treatment. The skin absorbs the minerals that are essential for restoring its tone and vitality. These minerals in the seaweed body wrap help to disperse local fatty deposits ensuring soft, fresh and healthy looking skin. General seaweed body wrap applications would be for cellulite, connective tissue debility with water retention, slackened dermal tissue after pregnancy and after intensive slimming treatment. Includes supplies.

Aromatherapy Essentials 12Hrs

In this course, participants will learn basic aromatherapy skills, which will enable them to be educated consumers of aromatherapy products, create effective blends for specific purposes, and use essential oils and blends of essential oils safely. Also the many natural healing abilities that the oils have.

Helping ADD & ADHD Naturally ~ 6 Hours

Learn how to calm, relax the body and slow the brain down with Natural Therapeutic Oils, Natural Supplements, PH Balance and massage. Reiki I is a prerequisite

Massage Therapy Instructor Class 30 Hrs

Provide adult learning theory, knowledge, skills, techniques, methods and practice to assist Massage Therapists who would like to become Massage Therapy Instructors. The students will learn how to transfer their knowledge of the practice of massage therapy into teaching techniques and strategies so that they can become effective Massage Therapy Instructors. Class participants will have the opportunity to discover their own learning styles and teaching techniques and explore other theoretical principals behind adult education and then to apply that knowledge as they develop comfort with the skills and responsibilities of the instructor role. They will have an opportunity to make presentations as part of their formal training so that they can receive feedback from the instructor and others regarding their skills in developing and presenting a topic of their choice.

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